Glyphosate Brands for Post Application

March 15, 2019 

Approved Glyphosate Brands for Post Application on LibertyLink® GT27™ and Enlist E3™ Soybeans based on the current label wording.

Name Manufacturer
Gly Star Original Albaugh
Gly Star Plus Albaugh
Gly Star Gold Albaugh
Drexel Imitator Plus Herbicide (cotton only) Drexel
Makaze Loveland (Nutrien)
Mad Dog Plus Loveland (Nutrien)
Four Power Plus Loveland (Nutrien)
Credit Xtreme Herbicide Nufarm
Credit 41 Non-Selective Herbicide Nufarm
Sequence Herbicide (cotton only) Syngenta
Cornerstone Plus Herbicide Winfield
Gordon’s Pronto Big N’ Tuf Gordon
Flexstar GT 3.5 Syngenta
Gly Star 5 Extra Albaugh
CropSmart Glyphosate 41% Extra UCPA
Agent GT United Suppliers
Drexel Imitator DA Drexel
Gly Star K-Plus Albaugh
FomAsate Herbicide Drexel
Battle Star GT AgriStar
Farm General 41% Glyphosate Grass & Weed Killer Farm General