ISU Crop Performance Tests yield info on soybean herbicide traits

How do LibertyLink® soybeans compare to Roundup Ready® systems for yield and weed control?

Published on: Dec 7, 2015

Dow Expects Enlist Duo to be Available for the 2016 U.S. Crop Season

MIDLAND, Mich. — November 25, 2015 — Relative to EPA’s recently filed motion to vacate the registration of Enlist Duo herbicide, The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) is confident in the extensive data supporting this new technology and is working quickly with EPA to provide assurances that our product’s conditions of registered use will continue to protect the environment, including threatened and endangered plant species.

Seed Size Plantability Chart

Monday, March 9, 2015, West Point, IA

Farmers can expect to see larger soybean seed size in some cases this spring. Merschman Seeds took several seed sizes from this year’s production and had them ran on planter test stands to help you set your planter for best results. If you have larger soybean seed it is very important to have your planter units in good shape and use the proper amount of talc or graphite for best results. See link for more information.

New Soybean Seed Treatment for SDS Protection Now Available

Wednesday, February 11, 2015, West Point, IA

Merschman Seeds is excited to announce the availability of a brand new soybean seed treatment from Bayer CropScience, ILeVO® for protection against Sudden Death Syndrome. This new soybean seed treatment is the only solution for SDS that has activity against nematodes. ILeVO protects the root system against the SDS fungus and has activity on nematodes in the seed zone, producing healthier plants for higher yield potential. In 2014 research trials, soybean varieties planted with ILeVO produced a 7.7 BPA yield advantage across all levels of diseases pressure and a 14.34 BPA yield advantage when the SDS index was high (71%—80% infected).