Expect the best.
Demand quality from your alfalfa, just like you do from your corn and soybeans.

America’s Alfalfa

You should demand quality from your alfalfa just like you do from your corn and soybeans: higher yields, fewer weeds, and more profits. America’s Alfalfa fits the needs of discerning growers looking for top quality in their alfalfa fields.

Genuity® Roundup Ready® Alfalfa Yield First Year Advantage

  • Increased yields versus conventional varieties
  • More high quality alfalfa forage with fewer weeds
  • Less herbicide cost for weed control and crop safety

* Based on data from 68 head-to-head comparisons at 41 locations – Roundup agricultural herbicide treatments are generally a single treatment of Roundup agricultural herbicides at 0.75, but the data also includes Roundup agricultural herbicides at 1.25, 1.5 and dual sequential applications of Roundup agricultural herbicide at 0.75. – Conventional Treatments include Raptor, Pursuite, Select, Buctril, Poast. Source: Based on University and Monsanto field trials, 2004-2006. – Roundup agricultural herbicide treatments were compared to other alfalfa herbicides and applied according to labeled rates and timings.