Merschman Soybeans

If you’re dealing with glyphosate-resistant weeds, talk to the experts at Merschman Seeds. We have the technologies you need, and the yields you demand.

Setting new standards in soybeans

A continuing challenge for the soybean grower is herbicide resistance. You’ve probably heard us say before that we believe uncontrolled weeds create the biggest yield drag for soybeans.

If you haven’t made changes to your soybean program, and you are seeing resistance, it’s time to talk to a Merschman Seeds Representative. We have solutions that have been working on farms all across the Midwest.

Merschman Seeds has been leading the way with LibertyLink® technology. We’ve been working with LibertyLink® since day one. If you are finding your current fields have weed resistance to glyphosate, LibertyLink® is the most reliable management solution available for you today. LibertyLink® soybean varieties combine elite genetics and excellent crop safety with built-in tolerance to the powerful, post-emergence weed control of Liberty®. High-yielding Merschman soybean varieties with the LibertyLink® technology are available in a range of maturities.

We are also carrying the RoundUp Ready 2 Xtend® technology, another option for glyphosate-resistant weeds. Talk to a Merschman Representative to see if RR2 Xtend is right for you.

As much as the right traits are important, let’s not forget the seed treatment. We don’t meet the standards, we set new standards. Our exclusive 9-step Bonus Coated+™ seed treatment is the industry’s best hands, down. And have you seen the Pearl Coat+™ technology? Ask your neighbor who planted Merschman’s last year what they thought! If you want better flowability, you need Pearl Coat+™!

And of course, our Bonus Coated+™ and Pearl Coat+™ technologies comes standard in every bag of Merschman Soybeans.