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If you’re dealing with glyphosate-resistant weeds, talk to the experts at Merschman Seeds. We have the technologies you need, and the yields you demand.

Why our customers keep coming back

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. That’s why we are always happy to see reports that rate our customer satisfaction at the top of the industry. It’s important to us to bring the best service, from answering questions and making recommendations, to ensuring the delivery of what you ordered makes it to your farm.

That includes making the second delivery to your farm if needed. This past year there were quite a few growers in our region that were hit by flooding. They certainly appreciated the free replants offered by Merschman Seeds.

But we know it’s not just how we treat our customers, as an independent seed producer our seed has to be as good as or better than all the multi-national companies’ offerings. In a recent survey of customers ranking all of the top soybean brands available in the Midwest, no one ranked higher than Merschman Seeds for yield and performance.*

Part of that comes from our commitment to technology. Our Bonus Coated+™ seed treatment with Pearl Coat+™ technology is unmatched. It far exceeds conventional seed treatment and all industry standards. And that treatment comes in every bag of soybeans we sell, it isn’t an add-on that you have to pay extra for.


One technology where you’ll find superior leadership from Merschman is with LibertyLink® soybeans. We’ve been working with LibertyLink since day one. High-yielding Merschman soybean varieties with the LibertyLink technology are available in a range of maturities.

Our sister company, MS Technologies, is on the forefront of brand new traits. Pending approvals, LibertyLink®GT27 Soybeans will feature tolerance to both glyphosate and the new Balance® Bean herbicide. For the first time in soybeans, this isoxaflutole-based herbicide will give growers a unique mode of action that will provide effective pre-emergence residual control of glyphosate-triazine-, PPO- and ALS-resistant weeds, while a low use rate will make it easier than other herbicides to handle, store and transport.

The LibertyLink®GT27 system will give growers the flexibility to use Balance® Bean or glyphosate for burndown or pre-emergence applications. Glyphosate will also be available for post-emergence applications.

Balance® Bean is not registered for sale or use in the United States. Components of the technology described here have not yet received regulatory approvals; approvals are pending. The information presented here is not an offer for sale.

* C.F. Grass Consulting, 3rd Annual Soybean Seed Market Report, September 2016

Merschman Soybeans