Soybean Seed Treatment

Merschman Bonus Coated+™with Pearl Coat+™ Seed Treatment

No other Soybean Treatment Measures Up

  • 3 Fungicides
  • 1 Insecticide
  • 3 Biostimulants
  • 1 Colorant
  • 2 Seed Finishers


Tripidity® ST Biostimulant
Soybean Seed Treatment

  • Hard chemistry not a biological, with multiple modes of action
  • The most consistent biostimulant on the market today
  • More evenly emerged, healthier and greater in number soybean stands every time
  • Each soybean seed receives the same chemical message and same complete cellular food source at the same time
  • The closer the actives to the embryo, the faster they are utilized, the more hours you gain in emergence


A three component biostimulant that includes

  • The right plant hormones, at the right concentration in the right ratio
  • Amino acid and enzyme cellular building blocks
  • Specific micronutrients which work in synthesis to accelerate cellular systems growth


Optional Saltro®

New Soybean Treatment for Sudden Death Syndrome & Nematodes, including SCN (Available Special Order)

  • Consistent yield improvement over ILeVO® seed treatment under high SDS pressure1
  • Greater root protection because it stays in the root zone
  • More power than older technology to protect against the cause of SDS, Fusarium virguliforme
  • Robust activity against soybean cyst, root knot, reniform, lesion and lance nematodes 
  • Better protection against SDS without signs of plant stress, including phytotoxicity, stunting, reduced plant stands, susceptibility to pests or weather, and reduced plant growth both above and below ground 


1Syngenta Seedcare trials, 2015-2017, trial locations: Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee, Wisconsin (a=0.1)
Saltro® is a registered trademark of Syngenta®
ILeVO® is a registered trademark of BASF.




Soybean Seed Treatment